Tommy Kramer Tip #85 – Nobody wants to watch your home movies unless they’re IN them

My friend, mentor, partner, and harmony singer John Frost reminded me and a lot of other people the other day about a guideline from “The Wizard of Ads” – the brilliant Roy Williams: “People will be more interested in your home movies if they are in them.”

John illustrated this is in a very personal way, talking about the movie “Steel Magnolias” and how he always looked at with affection since it had been filmed in his hometown.

I had a similar experience, and still feel a tie to the old John Wayne movie “The Horse Soldiers.” It was shot near Natchitoches, Louisiana where my dad was working on the set. One day, he let me go out and watch, and I actually got to meet the great John Wayne, who shook my hand with his giant paw and said “Well, how ya doin’ there, little fella?” Honest to goodness, he sounded exactly like……John Wayne!

When you plug into people’s emotions and memories, the buy-in is immediate and strong.

So with apologies to Roy Williams, I’ve slightly changed his words to be: “Nobody wants to watch your home movies unless they’re in them.”

I don’t think this is just something to shoot for. I think it’s mandatory if you want anyone to listen to you.

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