Tommy Kramer Tip #19 – Great in 9 seconds (or less)

Let me tell you about my friend Howard Clark. Imagine hearing this nice, big, round voice – not announcerish or pukey, just God-given great “pipes” – saying these things over song intros:

[into ‘Mrs. Robinson’] “The amazing Funkel Brothers, Simon…and Gar”

[into ‘I Remember You’] “Here’s a song about a man and his sheep…” (think about it)

…and especially when he would foul something up: “Every move…carefully planned”

Howard Clark could be great in 9 seconds. Or less. Because he always came across as (1) actually listening to the music, (2) clever, and (3) totally here to have fun.

You had to listen carefully to Howard, or you might miss something that would make you giggle, or make you think. It’s not always about being funny. It’s about being a “must” listen—the person I want with me in the car when I’m driving, or by my desk when I’m working.

If you can’t be great in 9 seconds, if you don’t sound like you’re listening to the songs, and/or if it only seems like you’re just talking about things because you feel like it—regardless of whether or not it means something to me—you may be good, but you’re not great.

But I can show you how. And I think you’ll be amazed at how easy it is. It doesn’t take more work; it just takes knowing exactly what to work on.

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