Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #26 – Chasing Rabbits

My sister mentioned a morning show that she listens to every day, which has recently made a personnel change. In addition to the husband and wife team, the show has now replaced the male Newsperson with a female.

The station is female-targeted, so the added “estrogen factor” can be a strength. The two females in the mix should, theoretically, be able to focus on the Listener’s life and interests even more effectively, and have the added “battle of the sexes” playfulness of ganging up on the male co-host.

But, according to my sister, that’s not what’s happening. She says that they spend too much time “chasing rabbits”—careening away from the subject incrementally, but steadily, to where the original point is lost. THEY’RE having loads of fun, but my sister—a core P1 Listener—is growing restless.

Be clear that just because YOU’RE having fun does NOT necessarily mean that your Listener is having fun. If someone just tuned in to the show, they don’t have TIME to figure out what you’re talking about. So don’t go off “chasing rabbits.” You can take one step away from the subject, but then come back. Taking two steps away is one too many.

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