Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #434: Your Neediness is Not a Reason for Me to Respond

Seems like I hear more people trying to put callers on the air these days, but fewer callers’ comments are very interesting…if they get any calls at all. I believe the fundamental reason for this is that the way they solicit caller input (or social media input) is flawed.

The easiest way to get good response is first of all, to make the solicitation sound off-the-cuff, instead of seeming “needy” or sounding like the only reason you brought the Subject up in the first place was to get calls about it. That’s disingenuous.

As a listener, I’m not here to do the show for you, and your neediness is certainly not a reason for me to respond.

So try these…

“If you want to share…” (then give the phone number or social media address)

“If you’ve got a thought…” (phone #)

“If you see something I don’t…” or “Maybe you know something I don’t…” (Those last two are the most powerful ones; but be careful not to overuse them.)

More casual invitation = more down-to-earth response.

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