Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #446 — Momentum: What it Really Means

Momentum is defined in the dictionary as “force or speed of movement; impetus,” with these examples:

The car gained momentum going downhill.
Her career lost momentum after two unsuccessful films.

I wonder whether most radio stations understand this. I hear “pace” often – but not necessarily any momentum. Pace is just going faster or slower. That’s not momentum.

Technically, it’s when one thing seamlessly flows into another. But Content-wise, it’s also about your listeners feeling that something is going on – something that compels them to hear more of your show (or your station). THAT’S when you have momentum.

I’ve learned a lot of ways to inject momentum into formatics, and the mechanics of how to construct and run the various elements so “the big wheel keeps on turning,” and those definitely do help turn stations around. But momentum as a Personality, and within a show, is a deeper dive.

That’s why concentrating on pace is an incomplete thought, and focusing on ratings is always the wrong focus. You have to create an entity that defines momentum – an inexorable forward flow – first. Then the ratings will come.

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