Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #457: Why Production Skills Matter

One area we haven’t discussed in a long time is Production Skills.

What we used to refer to as “board op” mistakes happen now simply because the computer ‘runs the board’ most of the time, and it lacks feel.

WE have to instill that ‘feel’ element.

In a nutshell, you want the next element to fire not too quickly, not too loose. There’s a “last logical place” in every song – even ones that fade or hold a chord out for several seconds – so put the tone in the right place, instead of chopping it off just a hair too soon, or crashing the next song over that hanging last chord. (And when you open the mic, don’t talk over a “cold” ending. When you do that, people want to strangle you. I want to hear that last word; then you talk.)

Production skills give you the ability to put something special together – editing a music bed, or making a montage of song clips or audio clips if you’ve got a guest coming on, for example.

Show promos sparkle when they’re perfectly edited. But if they’re sloppy or indulgent, they can bore people to death. (More on this in a future tip.)

And the “watchdog” mentality created by getting good at Production “works backwards” in that you start hearing “only the good parts” AS you talk to a caller. Then BOOM…a “decent” call becomes a GREAT call. Or your ears perk up when something happens on the show that you know would make a good promo with just a little editing.

If you’re intimidated by the Production world, just dive in. These digital Production tools are easy to use. And this is a marketable skill. When you’re good at it, everyone who isn’t stands out – in the wrong way.

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