Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #459: How Many Times in a Year…

So think about this…

How many times in a year did you just do the info, but nothing else. “98.1 The Rock with AC/DC.”

Ho hum. Okay, I’ll give you an escape route. Here are two, no – three, no – make that four questions to ask yourself:

1. Did the tone of your voice differ from the last time you just gave the name of the station and intro’d a song?
2. Did you match the tempo of the song?
3. Was there anything in your voice that let the listener know that you like the song?
4. Do you even think about things like this?

If you don’t care enough to make some effort to SAY something, or at least be a human being speaking to me, not just an announcer, why not hit yourself on the head with a rubber hammer every ten minutes? At least that would be doing SOMETHING. Probably pretty entertaining. Certainly better than giving it the least effort you can.

My point is that great air talents make their fans look forward to the next time they talk. And they don’t waste opportunities to connect on some level.

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