Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #3 – The First Exit

TK Tip 3 – The First Exit (click to hear mp3 version)

Okay, so you’ve gotten the hang of being “the Moon” instead of trying to “be the Sun.” And you’re really working hard at coming up with “camera angles” that set you apart from everyone else. That’s great! BUT THAT’S NOT ALL.

The biggest step is still in front of you: Taking the “First Exit” out of things.

Simply put, it’s the first line of “resolution” as you do a break. Not the first “funny” line, necessarily, because some Content isn’t funny. And, of course, you don’t want to get out before your point is made. (I believe the Latin term for that would be subjectus interruptus.)

Face it, most air talents just beat things to death. They get to laughing about something in the Control Room, “riffing” and throwing in more stuff, until it all just turns into a big bag of mush. There’s no Momentum in that. It’s like buying a ticket to see someone, then they lock the doors so you can’t leave the theater.

The first line or remark that gives “punctuation” or “resolution” to the break, GO! Just hit the button, go into the next element, and STOP TALKING. Don’t go on to make another point, or “wrap up” or “summarize.” Don’t throw in the call letters again, or give a time check, or do a tease, or play some recorded “bumper” that says your name, or in any way do anything that impedes the progress. Just GO FORWARD. RIGHT NOW.

If the ending you planned (but didn’t get to) is really great, simply reset the subject later, and do that line. But 99% of the time the FIRST exit is the BEST exit, because it adds an element of surprise to the show.

Being less predictable is the best thing you can give the listener.

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