Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #507: The 5 Subjects (REVISED)

One of the first tips I wrote years ago was a show prep piece called “The 5 Subjects”. Here in 2023, is an updated edition.

The 5 Subjects (a Content guide)

1. Job stuff.
Besides stories that grow out of the workplace, this also includes finances, “the family wallet”, too. The economy affects our choices. But I start this list with the job scenario because all Content is primarily about what you have in common with the Listener.

2. Entertainment.
This is about the Entertainment world as it applies to your Listener. Knowing your listener defines what TV shows, movies, social media posts, etc. you want to talk about.

3. “The Buzz”.
While this can be about the Entertainment world, it’s not always. There’s something today that everyone is really, honestly talking about. If you’re not, you’re irrelevant. (Obviously, not mattering is not a healthy choice. Yet every day, I hear people blathering about stuff no one cares about.)

4. Relationships.
Brother to sister, parent to child, friend to friend, spouse to spouse, us to God. Literally everything is about relationships. Even down to what stores or restaurants you choose.

5. Things that “grow out of the show”.
Every show has some spontaneous ingredient that grows out of the air talent. There’s something unique about you that the listener can connect with. Experiment until you find it, then make it a constant.

You can’t go wrong with these subject headings. They’re assembled from my own career, and hundreds of coaching sessions with great radio talents over many years. This is the most compact guide I could put together to help you each and every day.

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