Tommy Kramer Tip #40 – First Impression

You only get one chance to make a First Impression. And remember that it takes twice as long to undo a first impression as it does to create it. And you have no control over whether or not you even get that chance. The Listener decides.

The natural tendency for a Talent in a new situation is to do too much, to try to show the whole bag of tricks, like an overzealous lead guitar player who tries to play every ‘lick’ he knows every time he plays a solo. Meanwhile, the old hands—Eric Clapton, B. B. King, etc.—have the patience to do only what’s just right for THIS song, knowing that the full repertoire will be uncovered over time, as more songs bring more emotions and more opportunities to express their range of skills.

Remember that trying too hard can be felt on the other end of the radio, and pushes the listener away. Your insecurities or nervousness will be magnified by the microphone.

Se here’s a simple thought that will always work: Just be of service to the listener. Then just add a little more of you in how you do that each day. It’s very rare that someone will dislike you if you’re genuinely trying to help them.

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