Tommy Kramer Tip 42 – The Perfect Companion to Audio is Video

You may already be into this culture. Sadly, most stations aren’t.

For years, it was thought that print was the perfect companion to audio. Sending the listener to your website to read something, get more information, download recipes, etc. was absolutely beaten into the ground. And because 98% of station websites look alike, with all their banner ads and flashing displays, the head shots of the talent, their boring blogs, and the made up “profiles” that no one cares about (“Gee, he likes peanut butter! Amazing!”), this didn’t really add much to the package.

Now I’m not saying that you don’t want to have a really good website, with streaming audio available and all that. You should. (Just like it goes without saying you should have a smart phone app, too.) I’m just saying that you also want to supplement what’s SAID on the air with VIDEO.

Hearing a guest or a stunt is fine, but seeing it on your web page or Facebook page (and/or You Tube) is a great supplement. The “peek behind the curtain” factor is incredibly compelling. I have the great pleasure of coaching a brilliant talent, Wally at WAY-FM, who just got his gazillionth hit on You Tube as a result of putting countless video clips up for people to experience the show in a new way. I’m certain that many people now listen to him as a result of seeing those clips first. See them at or on You Tube. (Just type “The Wally Show” into the search window.)

Marry into technology. It’s your best friend—IF you use it. If not, just go ahead and put your station’s logo on a load of buggy whips and pass them out at your next event.

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