Tommy Kramer Tip #131 – Something Going ON Here

I’ve never heard anyone actually say this in a focus group or listener panel, but I guarantee you this is the first thing ANYONE thinks when they hit the button and your station comes on:

Is there something going on here?…or is there nothing going on?

It’s that simple, and it only takes a few seconds for the listener to decide.

Now you may think that doing trivia, This Day in History, “Hollywood News”, or quacking about something you saw on Facebook automatically means that there IS something going on, but those things are not intrinsically good in themselves.
And some music-intensive stations think that just the music and promotional announcements are enough. They’re not.

“Interesting” is not the same thing as Compelling. And “Activity” is not the same thing as Accomplishment.

Now go back and look at what you’ve prepped for today’s show. Is it just “stuff”, or will it really connect with the listener? It has to ENGAGE me to really work.

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