Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #9 – TELL Me

This was the way I used to start my seminars: I just got restless listening to the station that was on my radio, so I hit the ‘scan’ button. It landed on your station. I don’t know what the station’s call letters are, what the format is, what the dial position is, or who you are.

If you’re in a female-targeted format, you should know that SEVENTY percent of women say they find their new favorite station by hitting the scan button. Not by seeing a billboard. Not by seeing a TV spot with your morning team – whom I don’t know – standing in front of a “money machine” spewing out cash. Not by hearing about it from a friend. Just by hitting the scan button.

I don’t have the data yet on what the percentages are for men, but if you think of how most guys flip around on the TV remote when they search for a show, it should be obvious that every single time you open the mike, you’re probably talking to someone that hasn’t heard you before, or hasn’t heard you for a while.

Make it easy for them to come into the fold. To paraphrase the old Motel 6 TV ads, “Leave the light on for them.”

Never assume knowledge on the part of the listener.

“Here’s Toby…”

Toby who? Toby Mac, the great Christian artist? Toby Keith, the great Country artist? Toby Maguire, the guy who played Spiderman? (I didn’t know he could sing.)

TELL me.

“We’ll play the Family Name Game at 7:30.”

And what is that? Do I have to guess someone in your family’s name? (I don’t even know all MY relatives!) Is this about my kid? How do I get in?

TELL me.

“Later on, we’ll give you a chance to win free groceries for a month.” When is “later on?” Ten minutes? Next? At 7:40?

TELL me.

Anytime you assume that I know what you’re talking about, you’re just asking me to hit the scan button again. But if you’ll just make it easy for me to get my arms around it, I may come back again tomorrow.

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