Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #499: The Faceless Name

In the old days, we got listener reaction on the phone. But now, with social media, a lot of input comes from Facebook, etc.

The result is hearing “Jim says…” or “Samantha said…”
Faceless names.
I know nine people named Jim. Which one is he?
I’ve known three women named Samantha. Is this one of them? Is this the one that dumped me for that idiot that played quarterback in High School?
More importantly, did someone named Jim or Samantha actually respond, or are you just making a name up to give the impression that someone posted something about what you said?

I don’t even get the point of mentioning a name. Why not just tell us what was said?

But okay, here’s a cure – give the person’s name and city or area. “Jim from Plano” tells someone in Dallas where Jim’s from. It also says “We’re your station” to Jim, and everyone else in that area. Simple. Now, instead of just a name floating by like a balloon, we have some firmament. And we get a chance to have that name serve a purpose by being connective.

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