Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #501: Givers and Takers

Recently, my brilliant friend and associate John Frost wrote a column that struck gold. While he was specifically addressing Contemporary Christian Music stations, I believe his points resonate with every format. Here’s part of what John said:

When you think about the people that have had the greatest influence on your life, I reckon you’d say they were GIVERS.

I wonder, then, why so many Christian radio stations are perceived to be TAKERS, always asking their listeners to give them something. In fact, there are some managers or staff whose voice is not heard on the air unless they have their hand out.

This is one example of why John is a great Consultant, particularly skilled in foundational “big picture” Strategy.
But I’m a talent coach, and I drill deeply into exactly how to express Strategy on the air.

Here’s what I sent to John after reading his tip:

My thought would be that the language of the station should be considered in everything we do. Is it an invitation or an order? Do you want my input (as a caller), or do you just want me to do your show for you? Is the Imaging just about the station, or is it about us (as listeners) too?

This is all part of getting to the complete thought, instead of settling for an incomplete one.

Sadly, the incomplete thought is where most stations reside. In my on-air and Programming career, whenever I worked against a station that didn’t really even consider a strategy like John wrote about, I just thought of them as ‘dead men walking’. EVERYTHING you do on the air should be born out of a solid Strategy. If it isn’t, why are you doing it?

And if you don’t know how to put your strategy on the air (hint: it’s not more liners saying “the best of the 80s, 90s, and today”), you need some help.

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