Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #505: Show Prep Starts at Home

By far, the thing I get asked about the most in coaching sessions is Show Prep.

First of all, if you use a “prep sheet” service, throw it away. Generic subject matter, getting generic (if any) response is fool’s gold. And unfortunately, it’s rampant. People sitting at the computer trying to choose a subject and somehow “make it matter” is lame and boring.

Here’s what I advise: Show Prep starts at home. Begin with what’s right around you, in your living room, that you share with the Listener. Then spread out from there.

It’s almost comically simple, yet I see people straining for suitable Content every day. Stop “reaching” for things. If you talk about something that I, as a listener, actually CARE about, you’ll do fine. If it’s generic, YOU’RE generic.

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