Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #12 – Interesting versus Relevant

Often in coaching sessions, I hear something that laid a giant egg on the air justified by an air talent saying “Well, I just thought it was interesting.”

“Interesting” is okay, but remember that “interesting” is not the same as Relevant.

Relevance is the starting place. If it’s not relevant to the listener’s life, just being “interesting” won’t save it.

When your show Content matters to the listener, he or she tunes in again. When it’s just “interesting”—or even worse, just little odd stories or innocuous “fluff” Content—that’s a roll of the dice. Save the dice for Las Vegas. You don’t always need to make the listener gasp, or laugh. As a listener, the most important thing to me right this second might be just knowing if it’s going to rain, so I can keep my kids from getting pneumonia while they walk to school. Your doing “The ‘Um’ Game” or “Brain Teaser Trivia” just isn’t relevant to my life while I’m waiting to see if my kid needs to wear 14 yards of bubble wrap, his Darth Vader helmet, and rain boots. (It’s a long story. Suffice it to say that if you lose your raincoat, you get to start early on being seen as the Class Clown.)

Look at everything through the “Is this relevant?” lens. Throw out anything that’s not relevant to the listener’s life.

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