Tommy Kramer Tip #171 – Learn from Mike Nichols, Part 2

Legendary film and theater director, actor, producer, and comedian Mike Nichols did an interview just before he passed away, sharing many of his unique perspectives on what makes people watch and listen to you.

One of them was this thought: There are only 3 scenes: Negotiations, Seductions, and Fights.

For radio purposes, Negotiations – with the listener or with a partner – work if they’re well done. Events, Contests, etc. need to be worth the listener’s time; that’s what we’re negotiating for.

Our “Seductions” aren’t about sexiness. Our “seduction” is about attracting the listener to you and making him or her want to come back again, or for more time, or more frequently.

And our Fights are really just situational banter. Unlike a play or movie, we may only have the audience for a few minutes. So while emotions play a huge part in pulling the listener one step closer, remember that we have to be “friends at the end”. Nobody goes to a party to see a guy fight with his wife.

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